Step 3: Increase or decrease your bids either absolutly (i.e. + $1) or relativly (i.e. + 10%) after that you could check row by row and manage settings for each item (keyword or display item) separately

Step 2: Manage settings like  select 1 Campaign (or all), MCR (minimum click requirements) and on what criteria(ROI / Profit etc.) you want to optimise your biddings


ROMAs  biidding technology follow a very simple approach, when something not work  you decrease your offers or stop advertising, and if it orks, you may increase your bid - right? So here how you can manage that. 

And that's it, basically, because after that you click Upload (image 1) and data goes, over Adwords API back into your client account. That all takes approximately 5 minutes, while it can process ten thousadns of keywords or display links.

Step 1: Select (left  side)  an account and click right side Bidding