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Save 20% - 40 % click costs thanks dynamic conversion tracking

The subsequent analysis method to survey the dynamic conversion tracking  of turnover and profits in online marketing has the potential to reduce your click costs by up to 20% - 40% and increase thus your ROI  times four. This technology can be used by advertisers who aim to generate leads as well as eCommerce merchants which run an online shop.

 How does static analysis work?

Before we plunge deeper into the advantages of dynamic conversion tracking methods, we may make a brief description of the standard method the so called static conversion tracking, by giving you an example. Let’s say you generate 20 leads and your total revenues are € 2000, in that case the average yield is € 100 per conversion. As next you can save this average revenue value (100 €) in AdWords to track the revenue per keyword ....

In a world of static values, the keyword AdWords would thus the more successful one due its ROI factor which is 700% above the comparison keyword B2B Leads.

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