REALs Import - Export Technology

We know, you are a designer and nobody need to tell you how making a website. But that is not the point here, the point is, making website 20 times faster due REALs Import & Export Technology. So checkout this page, to make yourself a picture.

 Page Layouts

The idea is as simple as effective. If you look closer, you will see that the layout of web pages more or less repeats them self again and again. With REAL you can basically download layouts, change text and images and publish the page. By the way, 90% of these pages here were produced by that approach, because we download pages from our website, reorganized the order of content, made some adjustments and publish it. Check out documentation


Agreed, importing templates is a cool feature, but it isn’t new. However, this here goes far beyond that current concept, because we are breaking templates into several parts (header / footer / navigation, etc.) and make them part by part accessible for import export. Just check the video to get an idea. Check out documentation 

Download REAL Crash Course (pdf)

You need a web or landing page? Maybe this here could be a good start.see how REAL works and get a hunch if that if that could be the right tool for you. 

 For Professional Web Designers

Are you a designer? Then you will love REALs import & export technology because it will assist you to get the job done in no time. Beyond that, we made REAL for you because with the REAL you can interact with clients’ orders and execute whatever he will ask you for, with REALs unlimited approach.

 Download Shop

Now you need, of course, something to import, to make that work, right? No problem, check out our download shop, here you find hundreds of templates (and template part, of course) page layout but also Photoshop files to fuel your web design.Visit the shop