Economic impact

For a better understanding, we have created a demo account with ROMA, which reflects our experiences as follows.
  • In increasing phases the ROI has collapsed by up to 80% 
  • In decreasing phases, ROI was up to 60% above average 
  • Overall, we were able to increase the ROI by about 40% and reduce the click costs by about 20%.
You can download the report here.

For Agencies 

Let us share us our sales experience: with you:
  • 90% are fascinated, 
  • 70% have ever heard of it or think it is possible that there is a connection. But especially, 
  • 100% will remember you later.
The moon is a great door opener (everyone understands immediately). And no, technically it doesn’t works always as suppose, but for some clients it brings awesome esults! Incidentally, ROMA may be much more, e.g. Dynamic conversion tracking, more here.

Moon phases

The moon is subject to change every day, interesting are the last 5 days before full moon and the first 5 days of the decreasing moon.
Overall, we are talking here about 10 days, in which we were able to notice significant differences in campaign results, in conjunction with the moon phases, among many customers.
The purpose of ROMAs moon cycle analytic is thus to find out whether or not and if it yes which influence the moon could possibly have on your business success.

Moon Cycle Analytic

Latest studies in sleep laboratories have shown that the REM phase cycles of the volunteers at full moon are about 20% to 30% below those of other phases. This can be sales-promoting, for example, if you are selling sleep pills, or inhibiting turnover when you offer study courses.