We got a crash course (pdf) in German, English, and Spanish for a fast start to get REAL work in more or less 1h.
Plus 400 Videos (all English) plus a Search engine to obtain solutions. Check out this 

 Drag and drop

You can manage any object (template, content, header, footer etc.) as you like just by drag and drop. What makes it so special is the WYSIWYG* editor, which allows you to see right away how your modifications will finally appear on your site’s visitors monitor. * What you see is what you get. Look here


REAL comes with many graphical user interfaces (GUI) to manage the page and CSS design without coding. Furthermore, comes REAL with a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface what allows an fast intuitive workflow. Check this

 Template Engine 

With REALS Template Engine you can create any imaginable Template. Just visit the REAL-Website, there you will find more than 100 templates for free download.  Template Builder


Actually, REAL supports two styles for mobile-friendly web pages. Mode 1 supports a responsive approach and mode 2 a resize support. Both styles can be applied within the same web page. Check out this

Open Source

REAL comes with several open source interfaces to support JS / PHP / CSS / HTML. With this, you can get additional coding into the page like Adsense, Facebook Apps or own your coding. Check out this

Some Basic Facts

Let us give you here an overview what REAL is, for a fully picture we spend REAL a separated web page, which you find here. Visit REAL’s Web Page

Sell 300% more with REAL

Certainly, a website is a website, it has 4 corners, starts on the top and end on the bottom. But wait a second, check out REAL, because REAL is the one and only Website Builder, which contains a HTML5 animation engine. Due that you can make the look and feel of your clients Landing Pages, like Flash – but again, it is HTML. The results are amazed, focused page visitors, who pay more attention. The rest after that comes more or less automatically and results in higher ROI rates, which can go up to 300%.