Step 2: Well, there is not really a step 2, because after your selection you click on Show and ROMA starts doing the job. After that, ROMA delivers you an expressive chart to see at a glance what works and what not.

Step 1 What you see here is the ROMA GUI, on the left side you choose one or several criteria like CPC, CTR and so on. After that, you select on the right side an analytic object like campaign, A / B Splt Test, profits, expenses or whatever. After that, you could drill down to analyze a specific object, for instance Facebook or Adwords or you could compare Adwords against Facebook.

And that's not all, because ROMA delivers  for a 360 surround view a (searchable) data table.

ROMA  Kampagnen Analytic

ROMA comes with brand new filters like referrer URL, Moon Cycle, the day of the week, time of the day and cross-channel reinforcement. Of course does ROMA support as well standard analytic methods like ROI, CPC and so on? Sounds to complicated? Well, that’s the funny thing, it isn’t. Let us show you how it works.