Download REAL Crash Course (pdf)

You need a web or landing page? Maybe this here could be a good start.see how REAL works and get a hunch if that if that could be the right tool for you. 

Create a Report

For this here we will send you a packet with a predefined excel table and word doc which you can storage on your desktop. Attention – don’t change the Name or location of the packet, this is very important, because otherwise it would not work anymore.

  • Select your criteria (left side) and analytic object (right side). 
  • Set delimiters (optional) 
  • Click Show 
  • Click Get CSV 
  • Storage the csv here (don’t change the names or location): DesktopROMA-Report csv 
  • Open report.xls after that click Save, because report.xls loaded the new data in the background. ;
  • If you want, you can change now the texts in report.doc 
  • Use Save As and save the report.doc for instance like client_1_may_1015_report.pdf

Data Export

Do you need the ROMA data for special analytics or reporting? No problem, with ROMA 2.5 you can export now requested data with one click as a CSV. After that you will have an impressing report in no time; just check out the tutorial below to see how fast and easy that works.

And that's it, this all will take you max 5 minutes, but the result is amazing.