Sell More!

Okay, the question is not whether you want sell more, but how to make it, right? To do so you have to a. get in business with guy who control the big budgets and b. convince them that you are better than their current agency. Not easy, we know because you have to show them something what they a. don’t know, b. understand immediately (icebreaker) and c. (most important) make them believe, that it can help to increase their profits (greed). By that, our technologies can help you to open those doors, but finally you have to close these deals, because there’s no technology, which can replace you in that.

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Our moon cycle sales statics:

  • 10% never hear about moon impact (hence most people already know that there is a link)
  • 60% are fascinated 
  • 90% agree that it is worse a try, to see if moon has impact.

Moon Cycle

You have 60 seconds to make it. Try our moon cycle analytic pitch – you think we joking? Absolutely not, see here why…

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Profit Analytic sales expiriences

  • 40% think Google Analytic can do the job as well 
  • 95% understand it, after you explain the difference. 
  • 100% almost everybody wants to know more to check his options.

Profit Analytic

You broke the ice? Now it’s time to put something more substantial on the table. For that ROMA has complex Profit filter - here more

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Landing Page sales experiences

  • 80% think they have a page and don’t need it. 
  • 20% would consider a test. 
  • 75% off all clients who tested it, will recommend you, because they made with 1/2 budget, twice turnover. So it needs a little persitance and explanation, but once you broke the ice, you will gain an enourmes harvest for your affords. .

Animated Landing pages

With REAL you can create unique, HTML5 animated Landing Pages, which increase ROI up to 300%. Soo here why that helps in sale

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Referer URL sales expiriences

  • 5% almost nobody knew that (even not professionals) 
  • 80% want a prove – we have a Link for that to one page from Google Analytic where clinet can read and see that what we say is true.. 
  • 95% will recognise  you as an absolute crack or expert, who really know what he is talking about.

Referrer URL

Speak about referrer URL. You thing that’s for nerds? Maybe, but a. clients like it and b. especially when it pays – and it does, look here why.