Why not GOOGLE Analytics?

Certainly, a lot of AdWords clients use GA due it’s pricing, which is for free.

You wonder what’s wrong with that? Well it starts with the fact that your potentially click provider (AdWords) takes also care about the reporting. No Bank or government would allow such a concentration of competences and power, right?

Due that you see, what they want you to see and that helps a lot, because remember, there attention is, to sell clicks.

And what does ROMA make  differently?

ROMA is a technology, which change the perspective, because ROMA sells no clicks. Due this simple difference, we have no problem to fetch out useless clicks, what can leads to a reduction in click consumption between 50% and 80%.

And certainly, that cost performance (15% - 20%), so what? Take the savings and invest them to Bing, Facebook or other channels and increase your ROI up between 150% and 200%. Because again, where you buy your clicks, is not our business.

What is ROMA capable of doing?

Latest studies in sleeping laboratories have discover that the REM phases of the participant were up to 30% less due full moon. 

So far our experience confirms,  that  ROI data can gain / drop up to 60% (depend on industry and moon phase) during different moon phases. If you take finally in account that this phase runs 10 days (5 rising / 5 declining) each month, then you might see the potential for your business.

Why do you need ROMA?

Let’s start with the good news, ROMA works similar to GOOGLE Analytics (GA) but it cost money, while GA is for free. You think we are kidding? Absolutely not, because it means, that ROMA can only survive, when it brings much more as it costs, and that saves you another valuable commodity – time. So let us start, by telling you where ROMA makes a difference.

Before we start

Let’s face it, that moon cycle thing is easy, as well easy to copy, however, what we show you now isn’t easy, but it has the power to fuel your ambitions, if you want to bring your marketing to the next level, because it is the stuff, with which you could build an empire. So you may read it twice, because we will show you a small difference, which makes a huge difference.

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